How do you make raw cat food?

Making your own cat food is so unbelievably simple, and much cheaper than buying pre-made.

Bengal cats have very specific diet requirements and most, if not all, pre-made raw cat food, is not complete. This means that to ensure a thriving and healthy Bengal, you need to supplement these feeds with salmon oil, vitamin supplements, etc.

Our raw food recipe provides absolutely everything that our cats need in terms of fat content, bone content, vitamins and minerals so we don't need to add any extra vitamins to it at all.

We use a 2800w electric meat grinder which cost just £40 from Amazon and the 8oz plastic tubs were under £10, also from amazon.

All the ingredients used in our recipe come to around £22 and this mix lasts us around 16 days.

Scroll down to see the recipe we use...

raw cat food
raw feeding cats
raw cat food

Recipe for homemade raw cat food - this mix makes approximately 10kg of food, which will feed 3 x 4kg cats for 14-16 days.

  • 7kg - chicken thighs (bone in)
  • 1.8kg boneless chicken breast
  • 980g chicken liver
  • 640g sardines in tomato sauce
  • 10 eggs (optional)
And that's it! You can add a small amount of water to loosen the mix up slightly but it's not essential.  Just grind or chop all the meat, mix with the eggs and sardines and you've made your first batch of raw food. Simple :)