Junglemoon Lady Brodie of SerendipityUK

Dob: 06/06/2017

Colour/pattern: Seal Sepia Smoke

Eye Colour: Green

Blood Group: A or AB (not a carrier of B)

Pk def status: n/n

Pra-b status: Normal

Brodie is our beautiful Sepia Smoke Bengal with a rare colouration and brings a very interesting pedigree to the UK; her parents were imports from the prestigious catteries Garra De Kato in Russia and Sumarum in the Czech Republic.

Brodie is genetically a Silver Melanistic Snow and can produce many colours including Mink, Sepia, Melanistic, Brown Charcoal, Silver Charcoal, Silver Mink, Silver Sepia, Mink Charcoal, Sepia Charcoal, Solid Mink and Solid Sepia, depending on the genetics of her mate.

She is a very pretty girl, with gorgeous chocolate coloured fur, big, puffy whisker pads, nice type and conformation and the greenest eyes you will have ever seen, lined with plenty of mascara.

She also has the sweetest personality. She does have a hilarious tendency to jump at the smallest thing (a shadow, a piece of fluff floating around, etc), but she is such a love bug and will quite often drop to the floor and start cooing and chattering, asking for a belly rub.

Brodie is also mum to our keeper girl, Primrose!

Purrplefection Tigerlily of SerendipityUK

D.O.B: 26/0618

Colour/pattern: Mink Rosetted, carrier of Charcoal or Melanistic

Eye Colour: Green

Blood Group: A or AB (not a carrier of B)

Pk def status: n/n

Pra-b status: Normal

Tigerlily is absolutely breathtaking.

She is a young Seal Mink Snow carrying Charcoal/Melanistic, who has recently had her first litter for us.

Lily has a gorgeous warm caramel base colour with chocolate brown outlined Pawprint rosettes, a lovely 'wildcat' stance with shoulders held lower than her hindquarters, a chunky, blunt tail and beautiful green nocturnal eyes.

She is also a very chunky, muscular girl that is sure to produce stunning kittens in the future.

Her first litter consisted of an absolutely stunning little boy and we expect great things from her in 2020 with our new stud.

SerendipityUK Apple Blossom a.k.a Primrose

D.O.B: 24/07/19

Colour/pattern: Mink Charcoal Rosetted

Eye Colour: Aqua

Blood Group: Awaiting testing.

Pk def status: n/n

Pra-b status: Normal

Primrose is a Mink Charcoal girl from Brodie and our former Stud, Floki (Seal Lynx Charcoal) and is such a sweet little thing, we couldn't help but keep hold of her!

We are hoping to show her with TICA in 2020 and couldn't be more pleased with how she is developing; she has a lovely long, low-set nose, big nocturnal eyes, spotting on her legs and a very chunky, quite short tail - as well as being covered in glitter with a lovely sheen to her coat.

She is looking to be an excellent example of a Bengal and should produce some amazing kittens when she grows up!