Current kittens

Updated 02/04/2020.

No kittens available at the moment; we are completely changing our breeding lines and our next litters will be due in the summer.  We are now accepting waiting list applications.

Kittens shown on this page are reserved for the waiting list to choose from, unless marked as 'available'.  Kittens being held by us for evaluation will be marked as such.

Please note, although the waiting list gets first priority for choosing kittens, some kittens may become available once the waiting list have made their choice.  These kittens will be marked as 'available'.  We may also hold back kittens for evaluation for our future breeding programme, these kittens may also in time become available, so please feel free to enquire about any kitten you are interested in.  

Click to find out how to apply for a kitten, or join our waiting list.

Brodie x Endeavour - 23rd February 2020

Junglemoon Lady Brodie x Sunshimmer Endeavour.

* Brown & Mink Rosetted kittens - all could be carriers of Melanistic (Solid), the brown kitten will also carry either Seal Lynx or Sepia*

Brodie gave birth to two stunning kittens during the morning of 23rd February 2020. Sadly, the Mink boy grew his wings aged 3 weeks.


In this litter are:

1 Brown rosetted male (£1000 pet price) - reserved for Anne.

Lily x Endeavour - 24th January 2020

Purrplefection Tigerlily x Sunshimmer Endeavour.

*Brown, Mink & Seal Lynx Rosetted kittens.  All possible carriers of Charcoal or Melanistic, Brown kittens are carriers of Seal Lynx or Sepia*

Tigerlily gave birth to a beautiful litter of 8 kittens on 24th January 2020 but unfortunately one kitten didn't make it.


These kittens are of outstanding quality, with small ears, beautiful faces, large nocturnal eyes, well placed ears, lots of glitter and amazing contrast to their markings.

'Mia' - Seal Mink Rosetted female - reserved for James.

'Deacon' Brown Rosetted male - reserved for Elizabeth.

'Mia' - Mink Rosetted female, reserved for Dean.

'Rufus' Brown Rosetted male - reserved for Elizabeth

'Tingha' - Mink Rosetted female, reserved for Mandy.

'Tia' - Brown rosetted female, reserved for Dean

'Dulcinea' - Brown rosetted female, reserved for Katie T.