What do I get when I purchase a kitten from you?

A socialised and well-adjusted kitten

All our kittens are born in our bedroom, where they then spend the first 4-5 weeks of their lives.  From the age of around 3 weeks, they are handled regularly by ourselves and our three young children, to get them used to the sensation of being handled and the scents of different people. 

 Of course, alcohol hand gel is a must at this stage to avoid passing any bacteria onto the new kittens!


Having the kittens born and raised for the first few weeks in our bedroom enables us to keep a close eye on Mum and babies, and the Mums seem to enjoy having us there to 'babysit' whilst they go for a wander in the catio or grab something to eat :)

Once the babies are up and about at between 4-5 weeks old, we move them to a slightly busier part of the house (usually the space under the stairs) and this enables mum to still stay with them, yet they become used to more noise and a little more of the 'hustle and bustle' of family life.

At around 6 weeks old, the kittens are tearing around upstairs and downstairs like 'proper cats' so at this point, they have full access to the house and are able to sleep anywhere they choose - which usually ends up being the sofa.

This set-up works for us, we don't believe in kittens being penned like a lot of breeders' kittens, we like them to feel like a part of the family whilst they are here and of course, it's much more fun for us and the children to have kittens climbing our legs and scaling the curtains, than having them penned in kitten cages or 'rooms' (which sometimes aren't even attached to the main house!)

We also have a 'catio' enclosure attached to the dining room door so that our kittens and cats can enjoy the outdoors, whilst being safe and away from the neighbourhood cats and disease.  The catio is open all through the day and is only closed when we go to bed - or in very bad weather - and features cat-safe foam flooring, a range of shelves, ladders, ropes etc to stimulate and entertain.

Due to our kittens being such a part of the household, by the time they are ready to leave us at 12-13 weeks, they are well socialised, used to all household noises, confident and pretty much 'bombproof'.


Added to this, we provide the following when you purchase a kitten from us:

  •  Full vaccinations - all our kittens are vaccinated against Feline Herpesvirus & Feline Calicivirus (the viruses that are known as Cat Flu) and Feline Infectious Enteritis (otherwise known as Feline Parvovirus/Panleukopenia, which is highly contagious and causes sudden vomiting and diarrhoea, leading to dehydration, secondary infections and a poor outcome).  We also choose to vaccinate against Feline Leukaemia which is only transmitted through bodily fluids, therefore it is unlikely that an indoor cat will ever catch the disease, however it doesn't cost much more to vaccinate for FELV as well as the standard vaccinations, and we do recommend that our kittens have access to the outdoors, via an enclosed, cat-proofed garden, a 'catio' or by taking walks several times a day on a harness and lead, so we feel it is better to vaccinate all our kittens against FELV as a precautionary measure.

  •  Microchipping - this is also included in the price of your kitten.  It is good practice to get your kitten chipped, as it is so easy for them to be lost or stolen and a chip provides peace of mind that should the unthinkable happen, a vet will be able to scan your precious pet and return them to your home.

  • Health checks - our kittens visit our vet for a full health check listening to heart and lungs, taking temperature, checking nose, ears, eyes and mouth, checking for outward signs of parasites and a general 'look over' at least twice before leaving us.  This ensures your kitten is in the best of health when you receive him or her.

  •  Flea and worm treatments - we give all our kittens preventative parasite treatment; Milbemax or Panacur for internal parasites and Stronghold for external parasites.

  •  TICA registration - our kittens are full Pedigree with a traceable lineage for at least the last 5 generations, but using a website such as bengalpedigrees.com you can usually trace your kitten's ancestors back much further than this; sometimes even to the original Asian Leopard Cat that was involved in the creation of the breed!  We provide each of our kittens with their litter registration, this enables you to choose a name and for a small fee, register them with TICA to gain your cat's 'blue slip' (official registration) and SBT number.  Your kitten will be registered on either the 'non active' register if purchased as a pet, or active if he/she is purchased for breeding purposes.

  •  Spay/Neuter - all our kittens that are sold as pets, are spayed or neutered before leaving us, without exception.  As and ethical and responsible breeder and in keeping with the TICA code of conduct, we practice early spay/neuter to protect our kittens and our lines.  All kittens are spayed or neutered at 12 weeks of age, with male kittens able to leave a few days after their operation.  For female kittens, the healing time is slightly longer due to there being more involved with the female spay.  Therefore female kittens need to stay with us for 10-14 days after their operation, to ensure they have healed fully.

  •  Insurance - all our kittens are eligible for 4 weeks' free insurance from our insurance provider Petplan.  After the free period has expired, you will be contacted by them to renew, or you can of course cancel and seek your own provider.  We do recommend insuring your little one, as Bengals are full of mischief and can get into all sorts of scrapes...insurance certainly helps cover the cost of some of these misfortunes.

  •  Pedigree certificate - We provide a copy of your kitten's pedigree, detailing five generations of ancestors and which we create using breeder software.  If you wish, we can order a certified copy of your kitten's pedigree for your direct from TICA, at a cost of £20 for 3 generation, or £40 for a 5-generation pedigree. You can see examples of the offical pedigrees here - https://tica.org/resources/our-forms/category/18-pedigree-forms.  If you would like to order an official TICA pedigree for your kitten, please let us know and we will do that for you.

  •  Kitten pack -  All our kittens and cats are fed on our home-made raw food.  We feel that this is the best diet for them as it is complete, and provides exactly the right nutrients that a Bengal needs to thrive.  It is also cheap to make - £20 a fortnight will feed three adult cats.  However, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of feeding raw food, or prefers the convenience of a tin.  We provide our raw food recipe as well as a sample of our raw food mix within our kitten pack to tide you over through the transition period if you decide not to continue feeding your kitten raw.  Within our kitten pack, you will also receive; various packs of treats, small toys (balls, feather wand etc), a snuggle blanket that smells of mum, and a larger toy (such as the catit design senses circuit, or a similar toy). 

We also stock a range of toys, collars, beds and other cat related goodies in our online shop.  

These can be ordered for delivery to your door, or delivered to us and collected when you pick up your kitten.

To see the recipe we use for our raw cat food and how we make it, please click here.

Bengal cat and kitten
mink rosetted bengal kitten