How do I apply for a kitten?

We operate a waiting list for our kittens.  This to ensure that our Queens aren't bred unnecessarily, as well as to minimise the risk of our kittens reaching 13 weeks and being left without homes to go to.

Very occasionally we will have a kitten available, due to someone previously reserving him or her then becoming unable to continue with the purchase. If this is the case, then that kitten will be listed as 'available' and open to applications.

To be placed on our waiting list, we require a £50 deposit. This will be taken off the deposit paid when a suitable kitten becomes available -  so the deposit for a pet kitten is reduced from £200 to £150 and the deposit for a breeding kitten becomes £400 instead of £450.

Once we have received your £50 waiting list deposit, your name will be added to either the pet or breeder waiting list.  Pet waiting list deposits are non-refundable.  Breeder waiting list deposits are refunded if we are unable to offer a suitable kitten within 12 months of joining the list.

If you are a pet buyer, it will lesson the time spent waiting for a suitable kitten to be placed with you if you are flexible regarding colour and gender; however, if you have your heart set on a specific colour/gender, then we will only offer you kittens that match your preference.

Once suitable kittens reach 5-6 weeks old, we evaluate the litter and allocate their final prices.  We will then send you photos so you can choose which kitten you prefer.  Once you have made your choice, the remainder of the deposit is due immediately to secure your chosen kitten. 

   Please note: kittens are offered to everyone on the waiting list at the same time, regardless of when they joined. 

 Therefore, kittens are reserved on a first come, first serve basis and we ask that you make your choice within 24 hours of receiving photos of the litter. 

 You are welcome to visit your kitten once the litter reach 9 weeks of age and have received their first set of vaccinations.  We DO NOT allow any kitten visits before the age of 9 weeks, so please do not ask.

 The remaining balance should be paid by the time the kittens reach 9-10 weeks of age and go for their first vaccinations.

 We will let you know the release date for your kitten at the time the reservation deposit is paid. 

   This gives you time to make arrangements for collection and purchase everything you will need to help your new arrival settle in.  

We require all kittens to be collected within 7 days of the stated collection date.  If you have a holiday booked or require more time before you pick up your kitten then this can be arranged, however a boarding fee of £5 per day will apply.  This boarding fee must be paid for in full, once we have agreed to keep hold of your kitten for the requested period of time.  

Any kittens not collected by the agreed date will be made re-available for sale and any deposit previously paid will not be refunded.

Pricing (kittens are priced individually at 6-8 weeks of age, according to the price ranges detailed below):

Pet price -

Brown Rosetted - £900-£1150

Snow Rosetted - £900-£1150

Charcoal/Charcoal Snow - £900-£1150

Breeding price - £1300-£1700.