Our kittens are highly in demand so if you are planning on purchasing a kitten from us within the next 12 months, it is advisable that you join our waiting list.

We operate the waiting list on a first deposit, first choice basis (so the person that placed their deposit first is first to choose their kitten from the next available litter, and so on).  

Once you are on the waiting list, you are free to skip a litter and choose from another upcoming litter as many times as you wish, until you have been offered your perfect kitten.  

When you join the waiting list, your place on the list may go up (so you may end up in first position) but will never go down any further than the position you originally joined in; even if you skip a litter your place will remain the same, or higher than when you joined the list.

To join our waiting list, please fill in the Waiting List Application Form below, and submit it to us along with your £100 waiting list deposit. 

Once your waiting list application and deposit are received, we will email you a deposit receipt and confirmation that your name has been added to the waiting list.